At Etch, we believe the culture around tattoos is special.


Our studio is a co-creative, judgement free space and we can’t wait to share it with you.


“We are here to provide a beautiful and inclusive space for all and to encourage a creative experience that goes further than just the marks on your skin.”


Toni shows talent in all things from realism to oriental traditional. Her attention to detail & delicacy in tattooing gives her artwork a life of it’s own. The diversity of her portfolio from miniature colour work & florals through to black & grey fine line illustrations shows that her passion shines through in many styles.



Specializing in surreal styles & fine line illustration, Jess’ work has a whimsical, unique tone. Her signature touch stands out through her crisp, clean designs that inspire a sense of wonder. Be it graceful & feminine or lush & ornamental, Jess’ pieces are always deeply personal & one of a kind.


As the newest member of the Etch family, Brittany has a fresh take on tattooing. In her junior role, she plays with dainty designs in a variety of styles & is keen to grow her skills even further. Brittany takes great pride in her work and already creates pieces that reflect her own inspiring perspective on tattoo art.